A GNSS fueled Company

Founded in 2018, Ophelia Sensors develops high precision displacement sensors for a large variety of industrial applications.

Whether you need to track the movement of fast-moving objects or set up the long-term monitoring of minimal deformations, our solutions provide real-time data directly available on any of your devices.

Today, Geocube systems are deployed in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America on a wide range of industrial use-cases.

The Geocube System

Designed to monitor slow and real-time movement, the Geocube system allows to precisely supervise structure and ground deformation, in order to improve risk management policies.

Thanks to its discreet design, its reduced size, its robustness and its low energy consumption, a Geocube network is perfectly suited for long-term monitoring projects in all types of environments and has become a renowned solution for soil movement surveying and structural health monitoring.

Engineering Structure

Dams & Quays



Historical Monuments

Ski Lifts

Ground Movement

Landslides & Embankments

Railway Tracks

Reclaimed Land



Scope Of Applications

Engineering Structure

Ground Movement

The K2 System

The K2 system allows to dynamically track moving objects (barges, containers, etc.) and fleets of vehicles with centimetric precision. Positions sent by the K2s are transmitted and processed in real-time on any remote device.

The robust conception of the K2 makes it perfectly adapted to the harshest industrial environments.

Fleet Monitoring






Movement Survey

Barges Monitoring


Street Mapping

Smart Farming


Scope Of Applications

Fleet Monitoring

Movement Survey

A State Of The Art Platform

Geo3 is the platform that will fit all your needs. It allows you to control installed devices, view graphs, set notifications, print reports and export data.

Its user-friendly design is simple and intuitive so that you can find the information you need in a couple of clicks.

Give access to your data to relevant stakeholders so that informed decisions can be taken on the spot.

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